How to Fix Nokia 6 Speaker not Working, No Sound and Audio (Solved)

How to Fix Nokia 6 Speaker not Working, No Sound and Audio (Solved)

You can use this article to fix Nokia 6 Speaker not Working, No Sound and Audio with ease. When your Nokia 6 has a speaker not working/no audio, this is one of the most frustrating issues that can take place. Whether you rely on your speakers and audio functions so that you can listen to music to help the work day go by more quickly or you require speakers and audio to conduct important phone calls, the last thing you need is a speaker not working/no audio.

Should these sorts of problems arise, you are going to need to implement a few helpful solutions on your own before you take the drastic step of contacting a Samsung representative or contacting an expensive repair shop. Let’s take a closer look at this issue and a few useful hacks for solving it. Leaving your issues that are associated with a speaker not working/no audio in the past is crucial to your enjoyment, so be sure to read on.

5 Helpful Tips For Nokia 6 Speaker not Working, No Sound and Audio

#1. Restart The Device

While this is a solution that is often bypassed in favor of solutions that are more complex, it never hurts to go back to the basics and start from square one. There is a reason why every techie or repair service will inquire as to whether you have decided to restart the device before asking them for a far more complicated (read: costly) form of assistance.

That reason is very simple: because it works! Before you proceed to attempt any of the other solutions on this list, it behooves to try the easiest one first. By doing so, you can end up saving yourself untold amounts of agony and grief in the process, not to mention your time and your hard earned money.

#2. Make Sure That Nokia 6 Phone Is Not On Silent

Let’s face it: we are often forced to place our phones on silent for a number of different reasons throughout the day and when we forget that we have altered our settings in such a way, this can lead to a certain amount of frustration when we realize that our Nokia 6 speakers and audio are no longer working in the manner that we have traditionally come to expect.

If you have already restarted the device, then it is time to check your settings and make sure that you are not the one to blame for your own issues. After all, what could be more embarrassing than bringing your phone to a local Samsung outlet or repair shop, only to recoil in horror as the specialist on duty fixes your phone with the touch of a button.

#3. Make Sure The Volume Is All The Way Up

We’ve all experienced certain moments that require us to turn the volume down on our Nokia 6 phones. Maybe you’re trying to reduce of noise that your music creates on a busy commute or you’re trying to adhere to the rules of your workplace environment. There are also those moments when we find ourselves on the phone with someone who speaks very loudly and we are forced to turn down the volume for that reason.

Before you start to lose your mind and wonder why you’re facing with the Nokia 6 speaker not working problem or you have no audio, go into the volume settings on your phone and make sure that you have not forgotten to turn it up all the way. This is yet another easy solution that often gets bypassed in favor of solutions that are far more complicated.

#4. Make Sure Your Nokia 6 Isn’t Stuck On Headphones Mode

Putting your Nokia 6 on headphones mode is the polite thing to do in most scenarios, but there are many of us who will place our Nokia 6 phone on headphones mode and forget that we did so in the first place. As a result, typical, everyday cases of a phone being stuck on headphones mode are being mistaken for a far more serious audio or speaker related issue.

Headphones mode is a popular choice for the more conscientious Nokia 6 user and while this might lead to a diminished amount of distractions for your fellow coworkers or train passengers, it can cause us to believe that we are experiencing speaker and audio issues when they are not taking place. Check the headphones mode before progressing any further during the repair process.

#5. Clean the Speaker

Last but certainly not least, the speakers on the Nokia 6 may simply need to be cleaned. This is especially true for those of us who have owned our Nokia 6 phones for a long period of time and have yet to give the speakers a proper cleaning since the initial purchase took place.

Speakers can become blocked with water, dust and dirt and by carefully cleaning them, you will not only eliminate the issues that are causing your speakers not to work, but you can also provide yourself with better sound quality than ever before.

Congratulations; Now you know how to successfully fix Nokia 6 Speaker not Working, No Sound and Audio with ease. If you have any questions then do not hesitate to use the comments box.


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