How to Fix Nokia 6 Won’t Turn On or Boot Up (Solved)

Nokia 6 Won't Turn On

You can use this guide to fix Nokia 6 Won’t Turn On / Boot Up and other similar issues with ease. Having a Nokia 6 that won’t turn on/boot up is a common issue that can be caused by a number of problems that are easily fixable for any of us, even if we are not all that experienced in matters related to mobile technology. The horror of a phone that won’t turn on/boot up can cause any number of residual issues.

Nokia 6 that won’t turn on/boot up is the type of problem that creates a series of follow up problems. All it takes is one day or even one hour without a Nokia 6 phone that refuses to turn on/boot up to create widespread panic in a person’s life. Whether you rely on your Nokia 6 phone for business or personal reasons, these tips can help.

Nokia 6 Won’t Turn On / Boot Up? These Six Solutions Can Help

#1. Force Restart The Device

When your Nokia 6 won’t turn on or boot up, the initial temptation is often to search for the most complicated solution possible, as opposed to one that is simple and easy to implement. It is human nature to assume that a problem of this magnitude is more serious than expected.

However, there are a number of solutions that can be implemented by anyone, regardless of their level of technological literacy. Before embarking on a path that is far more complicated than necessary, be sure to start with one of the easiest solutions first.

#2. Charge Your Device

In today’s fast paced society that is all about pushing yourself to the limit and always staying busy, keeping our phones charged can be quite challenging. That’s why it is important to charge your Nokia 6 device fully, so that you do not experience any problems related to not turning on or booting up.

If your device is not fully charged, this can cause any number of problems related to your phone’s ability to turn on and boot up. Make sure that your Nokia 6 device has been fully charged before you seek out solutions that are more expensive and complicated.

#3. Check The Phone’s USB Cable To Ensure That It Is Working

A Nokia 6 that won’t turn on/boot up is not always a sign of issues related to the device. Sometimes, the USB cable of the phone may not functioning in the proper manner and this can keep the phone from receiving the proper amount of battery power.

When a phone cannot achieve a full charge, this can cause the device to stop booting up and turning on as needed. If you have already checked your phone’s USB cable for damages and you feel fairly confident that your device is in working order, use someone else’s USB cable to make sure.

#4. Remove Micro SD Card

The phone’s micro SD card could also be to blame for the issues that you are experiencing and there is really one way to find out whether the micro SD is the culprit for a Nokia 6 that won’t turn or boot up. You can start off by removing yours to see if that fixes the problem.

You can also take another step in the right direction by borrowing someone else’s micro SD card to find out whether it is your phone causing the problem or the SD card itself. This solution also allows you to save the trouble of having to go to the store and purchase a brand new SD card.

#5. Boot Into Recovery Mode

When our personal computers or laptops won’t turn on or boot up, we will typically decide to boot them up in recovery mode, as this allows us to turn the device on and begin to find out what is wrong and what is taking place. This same piece of advice is also useful when it comes to your Nokia 6 phone that is refusing to turn on or boot up.

By booting the phone in recovery mode, you have the chance to figure out exactly what is going wrong and if the phone is still refusing to boot up or turn on at this point in time, then you know that a far more serious issue is taking place. From there, you can take the proper steps and seek professional assistance.

#6. Perform a Hard Reset

Of all the options available to you, the hard reset is the last one that you should consider, as you will lose out on a wide range of files that already exist on your phone. This is an option that should only be used in cases that are particularly die, as it brings the phone back to its original factory presets.

Those who use this option have to start all over again when it comes to their apps and files and while this can be annoying, it is not nearly as annoying as dealing with a Nokia 6 device that simply refuses to turn on or boot up.

These were all the six tips which might have fixed Nokia 6 Won’t Turn On / Boot Up with ease. For any questions or comments use the comments box without any hesitation.


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